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Solder & Assembly Instructions

Detailed Information

... is here for download. A short summary is as follows:

Manual Soldering / Soldering Iron

If soldering is carried out at the recommended temperature of less than 260°C, the soldering time must not exceed 10 s. This assumes that the soldered joint is spaced not less than 5 mm from the case. If the joint is spaced less than 5 mm, the soldering time must be reduced to 3 s.

Dip or Wave Soldering

Leaded devices: If soldering is carried out at the soldering temperature of less than 260°C, the soldering time must not exceed 10s (or two times 5s at dual wave soldering) . The soldering joint should be spaced not less than 1.5 mm from the case.

SMD devices: The soldering time should not exceed 10 s at 260°C when the device is submerged completely into the solder (see also JESD22A111).

Reflow Soldering

For reflow soldering of SMD devices the maximum admissible solder temperature is 260°C, for package outlines up to SMC/DO-214AB and peak time not exceeding 5s. Time above 255°C must not exceed 30s. For bigger case outlines (e. g. D2PAK/TO-263), the solder temperature must be reduced, refer to J-STD-020D.1. Therein are furthermore admissible solder profiles specified.

Bending of the Leads

It is not admissible to bend the leads without strain-relief. Prior to bending, the leads must be fixed to avoid mechanical stress to the case and the internal structure of the diode.


The instructions of the manufacturers of the cleanng detergents (e. g. Zestron etc) have to be followed carefully.

Packages for Screw Assembly

For screw assembly packages, the maximum admissible mounting torque given in the datasheet has to be considered.

Packages for Heat-Sink Assembly

It is recommended to apply a thin layer of thermal compound between case and heatsink. This improves the thermal resistance between case and heatsink.