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New Devices in SOT-363

On electronica China in Shanghai we introduced our new devices in SOT-363 package:

electronica: Axial Diodes with Reduced Taping Width

Save the amount of lead wire which you will need to cut away! Our axial diodes, with reduced taping width, protect the environment by reducing the amount of waste material you will have to dispose of. As a bonus, they also save money up front because the shorter lead parts are priced less than the longer lead version!

The reduced taping width of 38mm (instead of 64mm) is available on request for components in DO-41 and DO-15 such as:

  • Zener diodes ZPY or ZY series
  • TVS diodes P4KE/BZW04 and P6KE/BZW06 series
  • The SB3H150 3A/150V Schottky diode

New Data Book and Selection Guide Ed 24

  • Schottky Diodes 150V and up to 175°C Tj
  • 3000W Pppm TVS Diodes
  • Axial Diodes having 25A and up to 2000V
  • Schottky Diodes in Power SMD having 5/10/15A
  • Superfast-Efficient Rectifier having 1/4/8A etc

The Selection Guide is available for down load at this link.

PCN025: Discontinuation of the Diode Arrays

1~ and 3~ Bridge Rectifier Fundamentals

New Application Note about 1~ and 3~ Bridge Rectifier

Thermal Measurements on Bypass Diodes

Bypass Diodes for Solarmodules

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