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SBT1045-3G and SBT1845-3G: 3rd Generation Schottky in TO-220AC

SBT1045-3G and SBT1845-3G: 3rd Generation Schottky in TO-220AC

The SBT1045-3G and the SBT1845-3G are Power Schottky Rectifiers built in Diotec's 3rd generation chip technology. They come in the TO-220AC package and offer forward currents of 10A and 18A respectively.

Compared to the previous generation, they offer a reduction in forward voltage and thus power losses of up to 10%. Reverse leakage current at 45V could be reduced to less than 120µA. Typical applications include output rectifiers in AC/DC and DC/DC converters, polarity protection for batteries and free-wheeling diodes in low voltage DC drives.

TGL200CU08: Combined TVS and Ultrafast Diode save space in Flyback Converters

TGL200U08: Combined TVS and Ultrafast Diode save space in Flyback Converters

Flyback converters are the state-of-the-art choice for auxiliary power supplies, LED drivers and battery chargers. Their topology requires a special network, the so called snubber at the primary side, in order to protect the MOSFET respectively switching IC against excessive voltage spikes.

The snubber usually consists of a TVS diode and an Ultrafast rectifier; depending on switching frequency also a Fast or even Standard Recovery type might be used.

The TGL200CU08 by Diotec combines a 200V TVS and a 800V Ultrafast diode in a single DO-213AB/Melf package. It thus helps to save board save in this usually rather tightly assembled circuits. Further available are the Fast Recovery version TGL200CF08; a Standard Recovery version is under development.


2020 Diotec starts into the new era of offering (Power) MOSFET devices, produced in advanced trench technology:
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New Application Note for Automotive Lighting Solutions

Application Note for Automotive Lighting Solutions

Discover our latest application note for Automotive Lighting Solutions. We offer a wide range of silicon based, power discrete components such as small signal, high voltage, transient protection, current limiting, Schottky, Zener diodes and transistors.

Lighting in the automotive industry is heading towards a transition stage with several technological advancements emerging in the market, enabling enhanced performance, safety, security and aesthetics. Based on the current trend, investments in R&D by major OEMs make it evident that there will be a significant growth in the lighting sector.
In Automotive industry particularly in lighting segment a new era came with the light emitting diodes (LED). Due to their advantages like smaller size, high efficiency, lower energy consumption and thus fuel efficiency, long service life and design freedom, LEDs are becoming a more popular choice to replace traditional lamps.

Their small size and design flexibility let them fit very well in the interior lighting, creating comfortable ambience and good mood, which improves the concentration of the driver. While in the exterior lighting, the laser headlight, LED/OLED matrix are added to the high beam, promoting higher luminance and greater visibility, to enhance safety driving.

Discrete components always provide flexibility in choosing the perfect match based on the circuit requirements. By choosing the best suited semiconductor components in the design, power losses decrease and energy savings can be pushed even further. Hence, the selection of the right components can also boost-up the overall performance.
For more information regarding our Automotive Lighting Solutions, please download the application note here.

Automotive Load Dump Protection

TVS Diodes for Automotive Load Dump Protection

Diotec offers TVS product families for load dump protection according to ISO 16750-2:2012(E), both for applications without central load dump limitation (according to standard Table 5, Test A) and for those with central limitation (Table 6, Test B).

The new 6.6SM8Z series with 6.6kW peak pulse power in DO-218AB is already available, it will soon be complemented by the 4.6SM6Z series with 4.6kW. Both versions are compliant to AEC-Q101. The 5KP represents an alternative in axial package, it allows up to 5kW at the usual rating with 10/1000µs pulses. Classical alternator rectifier diodes in pressfit housings are the BYZ35 and BYZ50, which we offer especially for the after sales market. They offer a suppressor characteristic and thus provide the central load dump protection.

GBU Bridge Rectifiers in Tube Packaging

GBU Bridge Rectifiers in TubePackaging

From now on we offer the bridge rectifiers of the GBU series also packed in tubes. This form of packaging allows the automated feeding and assembly of the components, which saves time and costs. The previous bulk packaging form is still available; to order the bridges in tubes, simply add the suffix "-T" to the article number (e.g. GBU8M-T). Each tube contains 20 bridge rectifiers, which are then packed in boxes of 1000 pieces each. This is the minimum order quantity, also valid for the bulk packed components.

The GBU series from Diotec is available with output currents of 4A, 6A, 8A and 12A, and each with 50 to 1000V reverse voltage. As a special feature, the GBU12 offers a forward surge current capability of 270A at 50Hz half sine wave (10ms), which is a unique selling point in the market.

Solutions for Automotive Lighting

Discover our latest application note for Automotive Lighting Solutions. We offer a wide range of silicon based, power discrete components such as small signal, high voltage, transient protection, current limiting, Schottky, Zener diodes and transistors.

SRL1 Series - A 1 Amp Standard Rectifier in low Profile SOD-323 Power Package

datasheet srl1a

Discover our low profile, standard rectifier diode SRL1x. It comes in a SOD-323 power package with only a height of just 0.6 mm. The SRL1x offers up to 1A/600V and Ifsm of 15A at 60Hz/8.3ms. Its case dimensions are 2.5 by 1.25 mm² size.

Typical applications of the SRL1x series are low frequency / low voltage rectification at miniature power converters and reverse battery polarity protection in compact electronic designs.

DI5315-02F - Dual ESD Protection Diode in tiny DFN1006-3 Package

datasheet di5315-02f

The DI5315-02F is a dual ESD protection diode in the tiny DFN1006-3 package. Its very low junction capacitance makes it ideally suited for high speed data lines and I/O ports, such as USB 2.0 and 3.0, SATA and HDMI. Two separate lines can be protected against ESD surges up to +/- 15kV (HBM).

Diotec Wall Calendar 2020 is available now

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The Diotec wall calendar for 2020 can be ordered now. Of course, everyone uses digital calendars today. But even in the age of digitization, a year's planner on the wall is still handy for a quick overview to make appointments in the office. So please let us now if you want one (or more) by sending an email to orderconfirmation@diotec.com.