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PCN028: BxxS2A Device Height Conversion

Change of the Package Height BxxS2A into the SLIM version having 2.5mm.

Special Sale on Selected Overstock Articles

for attractive prices and special conditions. This may be of interest for your business demands? Here detailed listing of these components.

With pleasure we can provide a quotation for your inquiry on single packaging quantity up to and including the complete package - please contact Diotec Sales with your inquiry.

DBI25-18A: Next Generation Three Phase Bridge Helps to Solve Design Challenge

varistors for input voltage surge protection. Such varistors have a clamping voltage of typically 1650V, making the industry standard 1600V input bridges working at or even over the limit. This challenge can be managed by using the next generation three phase bridge DBI25-18A by Diotec. Its 1800V Vrrm provides a comfortable safety margin, allowing for reliable operation of industrial power supplies and frequency inverters.

The parts itself will be introduced to public the first time during electronica China and PCIM. Samples can be ordered now and will be shipped from May onwards.

PCN027: Discontinuation of PST1600x, PCT1600x

200W TVS and 1A Fast Recovery in SOD-123FL, 150V Schottky in SMA/B/C

Selection Guide 24 comes with some new products which have been introduced the first time in the new data sheet layout. The SMF5.0...220CA are TVS diodes having 200W peak pulse power in the 1.3mm slim package SOD-123FL. In the same package is the Fast Recovery rectifier the FRL1A...M, having 1A and 50...1000V. These parts completes that exisiting outline family. The 150V Schottkys round out the type families SK32SMA...SK315SMA (3A in SMA), SK52...SK515 (5A in SMB) and SK82...SK815 (8A in SMC).

Flicker-free driving of LEDs / Design of Input Rectifiers

our visitors how only three components can provide a flicker-free driving of LED arrays directly on the 110/230V mains - see also our application note. The audience of our presentation on the PCIM forum learned more about the state-of-the-art design of input rectifiers.

Cost Effective Driving of Standard LEDs from 10VDC up to 110/230VAC with Current Limiting Diodes - and no flicker!

PCN026: Change Parameters of Round Bridges

New Devices in SOT-363

On electronica China in Shanghai we introduced our new devices in SOT-363 package:

electronica: Axial Diodes with Reduced Taping Width

Save the amount of lead wire which you will need to cut away! Our axial diodes, with reduced taping width, protect the environment by reducing the amount of waste material you will have to dispose of. As a bonus, they also save money up front because the shorter lead parts are priced less than the longer lead version!

The reduced taping width of 38mm (instead of 64mm) is available on request for components in DO-41 and DO-15 such as:

  • Zener diodes ZPY or ZY series
  • TVS diodes P4KE/BZW04 and P6KE/BZW06 series
  • The SB3H150 3A/150V Schottky diode