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3rd Generation Schottky for Industrial Applications

The Industrial Electronics embraces diverse applications, which are upgraded on a daily basis with new, intelligent and safer technologies. One of the common challenges in such industrial electronic systems are the demand for power efficient, miniaturized industrial grade components made by innovative technology.

The actual -3G Schottky portfolio includes Rectifier Diodes with Very Low Forward Voltage Drop, reverse voltages from 20V to 45V and forward current ratings from 0.5A to 30A. Our new leaflet shows dedicated Schottky Diodes for Industrial Applications.

SE1J – Diotec's new ESD Protectifiers® +++ Diotec at the electronica China 2019 +++ Do you know about our Facebook and LinkedIn Sites?

In today’s consumer and automotive electronics, the role of ESD protection is imperative for ensuring a system’s robustness under harsh transient conditions at system level. Diotec adds, for these applications, an ESD protected diode to its portfolio of Standard SMD rectifiers - a new member of Protectifiers® family!

The SE1J comes in a flat SOD-123 package, and features a repetitive peak reverse voltage of 600V with 1A of average forward current rating. It ensures robust ESD immunity up to ± 25 kV as specified for air discharge in compliance with IEC 61000-4-2 Industry standard. This device is well suited for use in applications like 50/60 Hz mains protection, power supplies, polarity protection and many more. For more information please check the data sheet.


electronica China 2019 is taking place from March 20 to 22 at Shanghai New International Expo Centre. It is the leading trade fair for the electronics industry in Asia. Diotec will once again take part. We will welcome you in hall E4 at booth 4124. You can discover a live-demo at our booth, where we show a low device count power supply for micro controllers and sensors.

Under the slogan "Planet e: Bringing the future to the world", the electronica gathers the most important companies of the electronics industry under one roof. This is where you find the trends of the future. From components to systems, applications and services: everything here revolves around the world of electronics. We are looking forward to your visit in hall E4 at our booth 4124. Please find here more information about our show appearance.


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Have a look and join our site if you like what you see. On Facebook we inform you about our latest products, product changes or updates, new application notes, exhibitions and career opportunities.

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Enlarged Stock Capacity for S1G, S1M and SL1J +++ Reprint Selection Guide and AEC-Q101 Guide +++ New Products: S1YL, 6.6SM8Z, SRL1, CL05M6F

We have an exciting announcement for you - we have enlarged our production and stock capacities. As a valued and trusted partner for years, we deeply understand your need to have the required resources for your projects on time. It is important for us to meet your demand and to be part of your business success stories, therefore we have expanded our business and production capabilities of the following products:

S1G, S1M - These are the absolute highest runners of our SMA packaged, 1A and 600V/1000V surface mount rectifier. These products are very well suited for input rectification, polarity protection, etc. Intended for and very strongly suited for applications like Power Supplies, Smart Meters, Lighting, LCD Meters, Rectifier Regulators and much more.

SL1J - A standard 1A rectifier with 600V in the small SOD123FL package is now available in a 13” reel with packing unit of 10,000 pcs. Saving time due to longer reel change intervals! The 13” reel is in addition to the standard 7” reel, allowing you more options in your production needs.

Due to the addition of capacity and stock levels, we are able to deliver immediately. Seize this opportunity by placing an order with our Sales Office.


The latest editions of both our Selection Guide and our AEC-Q101 Guide were out of stock so quickly that we have already done a reprint. We used this as an opportunity to make some changes and have added the following products to our Selection Guide:

S1YL - A 1A/2000V Standard Rectifier with Ifsm of 22A at 50Hz/10ms. Compared to the S1Y these parts offer a significant cost reduction.

6.6SM8Z10A... 6.6SM8Z43A - High power TVS diodes with6600W peak pulse power in DO-218AB. They feature excellent clamping and higher surge current capability of 700A rating, making it ideally suited for load dump protection in Automotive applications. Having 175°C max junction temperature makes it more reliable and robust during application.

SRL1B... SRL1J - A new family of 1A rectifier in the tiny Power SOD-323 package. It offers up to 600V and Ifsm of 13A at 50Hz/10ms,at only 2.5 by 1.25 mm² size.

CL05M6F - A new member of our CLD family in SOD-123FL package, offering 5mA at up to 1W of power rating. Intended for Constant Current regulation at low power for LED Drivers, Battery Chargers and Sensor Supplies.

Our AEC-Q101 Guide has been enlarged with the addition of a Controlled Avalanche Diode:

BYG10J - It offers 1.5A and 600V at an admissible Avalanche energy of up to 20mJ. Applications include all those where sporadic, short transients might be superimposed to supply voltage rail and as such might damage traditional devices.

Please send an E-Mail to our Order Confirmation to get your free copies of both Selection Guide and AEC-Q101 Guide.

Diotec at electronica in Munich +++ New products: SK54-3G and SK84-3G +++ Diotec Wall calendar for 2019 available

At our appearance at this year's electronica, there was a lot to see and a lot to try out for yourself! We were very happy about the numerous interested visitors and at the same time we were able to present our freshly printed AEC-Q101 Guide.

The SK54-3G and the SK84-3G were released and will now replace the SK54 and the SK84 respectively. These devices, from our 3rd generation Schottky Diodes, are of particular interest due to their improved low-voltage and lower reverse-current characteristics.

Once again this year we have sparred no effort and expense and prepared a wall calendar in our typical Diotec design for you, our customers. Unique in its design and for use in the office it is indispensable in having all your appointments visible at a single glance. If you would like to order your copy today, please send us your request direct via Mail.

PCN037: Transition to -3G Schottky - SK54/SK84

Transition of SK54/SK84 Schottky Diodes to 3rd Generation Chip (-3G).

PCN035: Transition to -3G Schottky Diodes

Transition of Schottky Diodes to 3rd Generation Chip (-3G).

Diotec at electronica in Munich +++ New products: 6.6SM8Z - series +++ AEC-Q101 Guide now available as printed brochure

One of the most frequently asked questions during this year's electronica was for sure regarding lead times. We collected actual market data and can proudly support you with some of the shortest delivery times in our field. Contact us directly and we will happily support you with our shortest possible lead times for your requested products. For the first time we have shown at our stand live demos of our parts in these Five Application Fields: Industrial, Consumer, Lighting, Automotive and Energy. You have been able to learn more about dedicated devices for these applications and even adjust the parameters of typical circuits to see the performance of the parts.

More news are available regarding various Diotec products. The SK34SMA-3G has been approved and will replace in a short time the existing SK34SMA. This 3rd Generation Schottky Diode with 3A/40V in SMA features a forward voltage of typically 390mV at 1A. It can be used e. g. as an output rectifier for switch mode power supplies with 5V. Even 10% less in forward voltage is offered by the SL34SMA-3G, which makes it ideally suited for polarity protection purposes. Both parts offer a low reverse leakage current of less than 100µA respectively 200µA.

Our TVS Diodes in SMA/B/C package have been qualified according to AEC-Q101. Their peak pulse power covers the entire range from 400W up to 5kW: P4SMAJ, P6SMBJ, 1.5SMCJ, 3.0SMCJ and 5.0SMCJ.

The new 6.6SM8Z - series offers an impressive 6.6kW at stand-off voltages of 10V up to 43V. It comes in the dedicated power package DO-218AB with a thermal resistance of only 0.9 K/W.

By the way...our AEC-Q101 Guide has been printed and was presented for the first time to public during electronica. It contains AEC-Q101qualified parts, which are not used just in automotive applications, but also others which require a special grade of qualification. Make sure to get your own exemplar of the printed version and directly order here.

Diotec at electronica in Munich +++ New products: SB520 & MM1Z47xxA +++ Expansion of Sales Office in Singapore

We are already counting down the days until the start of this year's electronica from November 13th through the 16th 2018 in Munich. We are once again joining this special event and looking forward to meeting you in the new "Semiconductor Hall" - C3 Stand 410.

Diotec is proud to announce the addition of Mr. Augustine Yeon, the third member in our Singapore office. Mr. Yeon joins Mr. Andy Lim (Sales& Marketing Manager) and Mr. Ivan Ear (Sales &Marketing Engineer) and enlarges our Diotec Team for the APAC region. Mr. Yeon has a great deal of experience in the Semiconductor Business and will help Diotec to make the next step in this important market. He will start from the 1st of October as Sales & Marketing Overseas Coordinator and will complete our Sales Team in Singapore. We are also pleased to inform our clients and partners in the APAC region that our Singapore office has relocated to a larger facility to better serve you. For additional information or for any of your Diotec needs in the APAC region please contact our Sales Team directly here.

The SB520 is a new Schottky Diode with 5A and 200V in a DO-201 package. It is used e. g. as an output rectifier for switch mode power supplies with 24V and provides a comfortable safety margin. It comes with a forward voltage of less than 900mV at 5A and a reverse current below 100µA at 25°C.

Our Zener Diode Family is growing with the MM1Z4728A to MM1Z4756A. These components in the flat SOD-123F package are available with 3.3V to 47V and can be loaded with up to 1W. Thus, they are significantly more powerful than e. g. the standard series BZT52C2V0 to BZT52C75 with 500mW.

AEC-Q101 Product Portfolio available +++ New Bridge Rectifier Family KBP2xxG +++ electronica India 26th - 28th September

We are pleased to announce our new AEC-Q101 Product Portfolio. Take your time to study the overview about all of the parts which are in AEC-Q101 Qualification (-AQ) directly here. AEC-Q101 is a standard used for semiconductor devices not only in the Automotive industry, but also any other application requiring a higher grade of qualification.

Depending on the needs of your specific application you can further find our AEC-Q101 Compliant parts (-Q) and of course our Commercial Grade devices via the product search on our Website. Furthermore, you can find here an overview which briefly explains the difference between all these three groups.

The family of our Single Phase Bridge Rectifier has been enlarged by the KBP2xxG series. It features 2A and up to 1000V in a small 4mm pitch single in-line package. Samples of the KBP206G are already available and can be ordered here.

If you are planning your travel schedule for the next month - please make sure 
to plan your visit at the booth of Diotec India at this year's electronica India from 26. - 28. September 2018. You will find us in hall 4 booth EE73.

PCN033: Discontinuation of KBU series

Discontinuation of KBU, replacement by GBU series.