State Of The Art

Innovative products: Diotec and its clients surely are the step ahead.

Innovation: The Step Ahead

Less Size, Less Weight, More Power: The Step Ahead in Competition for our Customers

The Trend is going to even more miniaturized devices and circuits. On the other side, cost pressure is increasing on manufacturers of electronics. Modern LED lighting requires tiny drivers with as low as possible power losses and heat generation.

New developed devices such as the "Protectifiers®" bridges with low forward voltage drop, the space-saving combination of TVS and Fast diode in one Melf package or the Schottkys in ultra-flat PowerSMD are examples how Diotec adresses these needs. For our customers it is the step ahead from their competition, which helps them to survive on the market!

Special Diodes for Special Applications - the Example of “LowVf” Diodes

Commodities are offered by many. But special requirements need a specialist. Parameters have to be selected, leads to be configured or even a completely new chip has to be developed.

“LowVf” semiconductors are designed for low forward voltage drop (parameter “Vf”) at yet high reverse voltage.

If necessary, a fast switching time or suppressor characteristic (for over voltage protection) can be added. Such special semiconductors are used as bypass diodes in solar panels or as free-wheeling diodes in motor controls.