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State-of-the-art products require ongoing processes and development.

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Melf, Mini Melf & SMA Packages

Learn more about the advantages of Melf and Mini Melf package technology over lead frame technology. Diotec offers a wide range of plastic Melf and Mini Melf Diodes. They are 100% produced in Europe.
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Linear Voltage Regulator

Our new linear voltage regulators are designed for high performance operation. They offer reliable solutions to generate stable output voltages for a wide range of input voltage conditions. Applications include medium power general-purpose consumer and industrial circuits such as DC/DC converters, battery chargers, LED drivers and µController (MCU) supplies.
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2020 Diotec starts into the new era of offering (Power) MOSFET devices, produced in advanced trench technology:
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Taylor made Schottky Diodes for Contactless Charging

Allowing for faster charging times while in parallel they can prolong the standby time of the battery:
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Dedicated Devices for Smart Meter

Avalanche diodes, snubber networks and a design idea to supply µControllers by a constant-current-source and a shunt-regulator shows our video about SmartMeter:
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Products for Automotive Applications

This video shows Automotive applications where Diotec products are used in:
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Protectifiers(R): Ideal Free-Wheeling Diodes

See the working principle of Free-Wheeling Diodes in Battery Powered Tools and learn why Protectifiers(R) are here the better choice compared to Schottky rectifiers:
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Diotec Products for LED Driver

How CLDs can drive LED arrays flicker-free and which parts are of advantage for power LED drivers:
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Three Phase Bridge DBI25-18A

How Electric Vehicles can be charged reliably and Industrial Power Supplies operated safely:
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