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Diotec company

It all began in Heitersheim. If you want to see some interesting facts about us, enjoy our video.


-3G Schottky makes it possible:

Low forward voltage for fast charging and low leakage for long stand-by times.

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ESD Protection

You can rely on us. We protect your electronics.

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SM3000: High Voltage Rectifier SMD Diode. For an extra high safety margin against transient voltage surges.

SM3000: High Voltage Rectifier SMD Diode. For an extra high safety margin against transient voltage surges.

Diotec's SM3000 offers an impressive reverse voltage of 3000V, an average forward current of 1A and comes in a single SMD Melf package. Learn more about the dedicated applications of this product, in the video.

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Protection of Solar Modules and Improvement of Inverter Efficiency

Bypass Diodes for Solar Modules and Superfast Efficient Rectifiers for the Inverter.
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Low Vf & Protectifier solutions in TO 220 and D2PAK

Protect your power tools from high voltage transient surges with Diotec's Protectifier® solutions.
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Power Rectifiers in TO 220 & D2PAK

Learn more about our energy saving and environment friendly discrete power semiconductor solutions.
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Melf, Mini Melf & SMA Packages

Learn more about the advantages of Melf and Mini Melf package technology over lead frame technology. Diotec offers a wide range of plastic Melf and Mini Melf Diodes. They are 100% produced in Europe.
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Linear Voltage Regulator

Our new linear voltage regulators are designed for high performance operation. They offer reliable solutions to generate stable output voltages for a wide range of input voltage conditions. Applications include medium power general-purpose consumer and industrial circuits such as DC/DC converters, battery chargers, LED drivers and µController (MCU) supplies.
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2020 Diotec starts into the new era of offering (Power) MOSFET devices, produced in advanced trench technology:
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