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Product Change Notification

PCN051: Change of Minimum Order Quantity of BYxxx Pressfit Diodes

Change of the Minimum Order Quantity of BYxxx Pressfit Diodes:
BYP25A1, BYP25A2, BYP25A3, BYP25A4, BYP25A6
BYP25K1, BYP25K2, BYP25K3, BYP25K4, BYP25K6
BYP35A1, BYP35A2, BYP35A3, BYP35A4, BYP35A6
BYP35K1, BYP35K2, BYP35K3, BYP35K4, BYP35K6
BYP60A1, BYP60A2, BYP60A3, BYP60A4, BYP60A6
BYP60K1, BYP60K2, BYP60K3, BYP60K4, BYP60K6
BYZ35A22, BYZ35A27, BYZ35A33, BYZ35A39, BYZ35A47
BYZ35K22, BYZ35K27, BYZ35K33, BYZ35K39, BYZ35K47
BYZ50A22, BYZ50A27, BYZ50A33, BYZ50A39, BYZ50A47
BYZ50K22, BYZ50K27, BYZ50K33, BYZ50K39, BYZ50K47

PCN050: Discontinuation of KYxxx Pressfit & RAxx Button Diodes

Discontinuation of KYxxx Pressfit & RAxx Button Diodes:
KYW25A1, KYW25A2, KYW25A4, KYW25A6
KYW25K1, KYW25K2, KYW25K4, KYW25K6
KYW35A1, KYW35A2, KYW35A4, KYW35A6
KYW35K1, KYW35K2, KYW35K4, KYW35K6
KYZ25A1, KYZ25A2, KYZ25A4, KYZ25A6
KYZ25K1, KYZ25K2, KYZ25K4, KYZ25K6
KYZ35A1, KYZ35A2, KYZ35A4, KYZ35A6
KYZ35K1, KYZ35K2, KYZ35K4, KYZ35K6
RA251, RA252, RA254, RA256
RA351, RA352, RA354, RA356

PCN049: Transition to -3G Schottky

Transition of Schottky Diodes to 3rd Generation Chip (-3G):
SK35SMA, SK36SMA, PPS1030, PPS1040, PPS1045, PPS1530, PPS1540, PPS1545,
SBT1020, SBT1030, SBT1040, SBT1045, SBT1820, SBT1830, SBT1840, SBT1845,
SK2020CD2, SK2030CD2, SK2040CD2, SK2045CD2, SB550, SB560, SB850, SB860

PCN046: Discontinuation of MCL101 Small Signal Schottky

Discontinuation of the MCL101 Small Signal Schottky

PCN040: Discontinuation of PB10xxS Bridge Rectifiers

Discontinuation of PB1000S ... PB1010S Bridge Rectifiers

PCN037: Transition to -3G Schottky - SK54/SK84

Transition of SK54/SK84 Schottky Diodes to 3rd Generation Chip (-3G).

PCN035: Transition to -3G Schottky Diodes

Transition of Schottky Diodes to 3rd Generation Chip (-3G).

PCN033: Discontinuation of KBU series

Discontinuation of KBU, replacement by GBU series.

PCN033: Discontinuation of accessory part BO2

Discontinuation of accessory part BO2 due to too low demand.

PCN032: Change of Package MUR420 ... MUR460

Change of case outline of MUR420 ... MUR460 into DO-201.

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