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ESD protection is no more a matter of size
data sheet esd9bl0522p

The ESD9BL0522P by Diotec comes in the tiny, "leadless" SOD-882/DFN1006 package. It measures only 1.0 mm by 0.6 mm at no extended leads, but terminals fully integrated on the bottom package side. Parts offer anyway a comfortable ESD surge capability of 20 kV (air discharge) respectively 15 kV (contact discharge) according to IEC 61000-4-2.

Due to their very low junction capacity of 0.4 pF only, they are well suited for high frequency data lines and interfaces. The stand-off voltage of 5V covers a wide range of signal levels, and clamping voltage of 12 V at 1 A and 8/20 µs surges helps to protect sensitive electronic circuits.

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