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Small Signal Devices: Performance without Compromise

small signal

Small signal devices are semiconductor components found in almost every electronic circuit. They are used in a variety of applications such as analogue and digital broadcasting, logic ciruits, computing, controls and automation, processing "small signals" with short duration, low power and mostly high frequencies. The current market demand for portable digital communications, signal processing equipment and other handheld multimedia creates the necessity for miniaturized electronic components to enable slim and small designs, but without compromising in funcionality and performance.

Diotec offers a wide range of small signal components including high-speed Switching Diodes, Zener Diodes, ESD Protection Diodes, Voltage Regulators, Bipolar Transistors and MOSFETs. Package sizes are 0603, 1608, SOT-23, SOT-323, SOT-363, SOT-26, SOD-523, (Power)SOD-323, SOD-123(F/FL), SOD-106 and SOD-80C. With the exemption of the last two packages, all of these are totally free of lead (Pb), with other words fully RoHS compliant without any exemption. You will find more detailed infomation in our actual Application Note.


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