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SM3000: Outstanding Reliability and High Performance when Lightning Strikes


Designers of Smart Meters, LED Street Lamps, 4G/5G BaseStations, EV Charging Systems and similar applications often face the issue of over-voltage transients, since all these devices are connected directly to the land line which is highly affected by lightning strikes. They are affecting the reliability and lifetime of these products, so the use of rectifier diodes with extra high safety margin against transient surges is mandatory.

The SM3000 by Diotec is especially developed for these applications. It offers an impressive reverse voltage of 3000 V, an average forward current of 1 A and comes in a single SMD Melfpackage. Due to the large clearance and creepage it can replace the usual series connections, which are still common for input rectification at the above applications. You will find more detailed information in our actual flyer.


  • SMD Melf package
  • Repetitive peak reverse voltage of 3000 V
  • Average forward current of 1 A
  • Replaces series connections


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