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SKM14: Low Forward Voltage Drop. Small Size.


The SKM14 is a 1 A / 40 V Schottky diode offering a forward voltage drop of less than 0.35 V at 1 A. It comes in the compact SOD-123FL package and measures only 3.7 mm x 1.8 mm. The very low profile height of 1.0 mm makes it well suitable for any mobile, slim but yet high performing electronics. This device is optimized for battery powered systems, where high energy savings are desired, e. g. for LED headlights.

Its low junction capacitance makes the SKM14 further suited for high frequency, energy efficient applications. This includes battery chargers, offline power supplies, set-top boxes, smart meters, any kind of smart home devices, DC/DC converters and many more.


  • SOD-123FL package
  • Repetitive peak reverse voltage 40 V
  • Low forward voltage of < 0.35 V at 1A
  • Ideal for battery powered applications

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