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Short Leadtimes +++ Precision Shunt Regulator +++ Application Note Smart Meter +++ Spice Models and Step Files

Diotec offers many of its production range from stock or with a typical four to six weeks lead time. Just email us your requests and let us check how we can support your needs!

The MMTL431A is an Adjustable Shunt Regulator in SOT-23. It features a precise voltage reference with +/-0.7% and allows for constant voltage adjustment from 2.48V up to 36V at curents from 1mA to 100mA. Samples can be ordered here.

The new Diotec Application Note Products for Smart Meter explains the need for minimum 1600V input rectifier for their power stage and why an Avalanche diode must have less than 2000V in that place.

We provide close-to-reality SPICE Models for circuit simulation as well as STEP files for CAD modelling in 3D: Ask our Technical Support.

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