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SBT1045-3G - An Excellent Choice for Output Rectification in LED Drivers

Flyer 3G Schottky Consumer

We are pleased to introduce the SBT1045-3G, the upcoming member of our 3rd generation Schottky family. It comes in a TO-220AC power package and features a repetitive peak reverse voltage of 45V with 10A of average forward current rating. It offers lower power losses both in forward and reverse and is dedicated for a high level of efficiency.

Typical applications include output rectification in DC/DC converters and power supplies, polarity protection and free-wheeling diodes. The SBT1045-3G is an excellent option for output rectification in LED drivers.

Here the main parameters of this part under typical application conditions of an output rectifier:

Vf typ 390mV at If = 10A and Tj = 125°C
Ir typ 10mA at Vr = 5V and Tj = 125°C

First samples are available from September; they can be ordered already now at our orderconfirmation.

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