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S8A to S8M Series: 8A Rectifier in SMD

S8A series

Replacing through-hole bridge rectifiers by four single SMD dicretes is often limited by a too low forward surge current rating (Ifsm) of potential candidates. The S8A to S8M Series by Diotec offers a powerful solution in surface mount SMC package. Unlike similar parts made by competitors, these parts feature a comfortable Ifsm rating of up to 320 A at 50 Hz/10ms half sine waves, or even 350 A at 60 Hz/8.3 ms. This allows replacement of through-hole bridges and thus saving of assembly costs wherever a high surge current is required, while average output current is in a lower range. The average forward current of 8 A at maximum 100° C terminal temperature would allow to build an equivalent 16 A bridge by using four parts in bridge configuration.

At 500 W input power and 230 V mains, the rectifier stage is loaded just a bit higher than with 2 A. Inrush current limitation is however often reduced to an absolute minimum effort for cost savings, which in contrast requires a very high Ifsm rating of the input bridge. As such, SMD versions are often not suitable. The S8A to S8M Series is closing this gap. The K and M types having 800 V respectively 1000 V are for 230 V mains, while the G and J with 400 V and 600 V match to 110 V supplies. The lower reverse voltage types A to D with 50 V to 200 V can be used for polarity protection purposes where Schottkys are not suitable, e. g. due to low leakage current requirements.



  • Repetitive Peak Reverse Voltage of up to 1000 V
  • Average Forward Current of 8 A
  • Forward Surge Current of 320 A (50 Hz/10 ms), respectively 350 A (60 Hz/8.3 ms)
  • DO-214AB / SMC package
  • For automatic SMD assembly


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