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Protect your PV Modules and Improve Inverter Efficiency with our High Efficient and Robust Discrete Power Solutions in TO-220 and D²PAK

Video Protect your PV Modules

Solar energy is one of the cleanest forms of renewable energy. Photovoltaic plants are one of the fastest growing sources for our future electricity generation.
In PV modules, cell strings are connected in series to increase the voltage output. During operation, they require the protection from a "hot-spot" phenomena in case of partial shading. Bypass diodes come into play to overcome such problems. These diodes are connected in parallel to the strings and bypass the current from the shaded cells.

IGBTs used in solar inverters require free-wheeling diodes with low forward voltage drop and very fast reverse recovery, in order to keep power losses at a low level. Superfast Efficient rectifiers are a cost effective solution for all such inverters.

Diotec offer various high efficient and robust discrete power solutions like Schottky, Superfast Efficient and Protectifiers® in TO-220 and D²PAK packages.

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