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Plasma EPOS Technology - "Green" Production of Power Semiconductors

Plasma EPOS Technology

In 1996, Diotec introduced its “Plasma EPOS Technology” that allows the omission of 1 200 m³ of chemicals in the last 25 years - equivalent to the filling level of a short-distance pool at the Olympics.
EPOS is the acronym for Etched and Protected On Slice. Instead of using toxic chemicals, the etching and first passivation are done using plasma under near-vacuum conditions.

This eco-friendly process is used in Diotec’s German and Slovenian Chipfab.
Plasma EPOS chips are assembled in all Melf and MiniMelf types, all Low Vf diodes, several Zener and TVS devices and some bridge rectifiers. Our Selection Guides provide an overview of our main products.

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