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New Series about 3rd Generation Schottky Rectifier: Part1/5 - Products for Industrial Applications +++ BCP53-16- New Power Transistor in SOT-223 +++ Diotec at electronica China 2019

Diotec's -3G Schottky Technology encompasses high power handling capability at small package outlines. It offers best state-of-the-art performance in the field of Schottky Rectifier.

Example PPS1545-3G: Vf < 0.50V @ 15A, Ir < 150µA @ 45V, Cj typ. 720pF @ 4V
Industry Standard in Trench-MOS: Vf < 0.58V @ 15A, Ir < 1500µA @ 45V, Cj typ. 2200pF @ 4V

The Industrial Electronics embraces diverse applications, which are upgraded on a daily basis with new, intelligent and safer technologies. One of the common challenges in such industrial electronic systems are the demand for power efficient, miniaturized industrial grade components made by innovative technology.

The actual -3G Schottky portfolio includes Rectifier Diodes with Very Low Forward Voltage Drop, reverse voltages from 20V to 45V and forward current ratings from 0.5A to 30A. A new leaflet shows dedicated Schottky Diodes for Industrial Applications. If you prefer reading a hardcopy, you can order it here.

Main Features of -3G Schottky Technology:
- Very Low Forward Voltage
- Low Reverse Leakage
- High Power Dissipation
- High ESD Robustness
- Energy Savings
- Available in various SMD, Power and Axial Lead Packages

In our April newsletter we will introduce -3G Schottky devices for Mobility Applications.


The BCP53-16 is the first member of a new family of power transistors in SOT-223 package. This PNP transistor features a power dissipation of up to 1.3W, a continuous collector current of -1A and a maximum collector emitter voltage of -80V. DC current gain ranges from 100 to 250.

It can be used for general switching and amplification purposes at higher power need, such as voltage or current regulators. The complementary NPN type BCP56-16 will come next.
For more information please check the data sheet of BCP53.


electronica China 2019 was taking place from March 20 to 22 at Shanghai New International Expo Centre. Diotec once again took part at the leading trade fair for the electronics industry in Asia.

The live-demo at our booth, where we showed a low device count power supply for micro controllers and sensors, attracted great interest among the exhibition visitors. They could convince themselves from the reliable function of this design idea, and could adjust various input and output voltages.

Under the slogan "Planet e: Bringing the future to the world", electronica China 2019 focused on six key industrial trends in China: Future Automotive, Smart Factory, AI, IoT, World Debut and China Force. It presented the breakthroughs in the application of electronic technology.

The next electronica China will take place in Shanghai on March 18–20, 2020.

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