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New Series about 3rd Generation Schottky Rectifier: Part 3/5 - Products for Energy Applications

Diotec's -3G Schottky Technology encompasses high power handling capability at small package outlines. It offers state-of-the-art performance in the field of Schottky Rectifier. Energy savings are one common feature of all these new devices.

The new axial lead diode SBX3040-3G shows impressively what that means. It features a very low forward voltage and a low leakage current, and is thus perfectly suited for solar bypass diode applications but also reverse polarity protection.

Here some typical, application oriented parameters proofing its superior performance:

Vf < 0.39 V @ 15 A / 75°C
Ir < 220 µA @ 12 V / 75°C

Important for Solar Bypass diodes is the so-called thermal runaway test. The -3G Schottky technology offers low leakage currents which adresses exactly that issue. The SBX3040-3G can be used in solar junction boxes for up to 15A with no thermal runaway. Its very low forward voltage drop Vf makes this part further ideally suited for reverse polarity protection in battery powered systems or automotive applications. Power losses can be reduced and thus energy saved.

Our actual -3G Schottky portfolio includes Rectifier Diodes with (Very) Low Forward Voltage Drop, reverse voltages from 20V to 45V and forward current ratings from 0.5A to 30A. A new flyer shows dedicated Schottky Diodes for Mobility Applications.

Main Features of -3G Schottky Technology:

- Very Low Forward Voltage
- Low Reverse Current
- High Power Dissipation
- High ESD Robustness
- Energy Savings
- Available with AEC-Q101 grading

In our July newsletter we will introduce -3G Schottky devices for Consumer Applications.


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