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NEW Selection Guide +++ New Avalanche Diodes +++ New Bridge Rectifiers +++ New ESD Protection Diodes

The 2nd version of our Selection Guide Edition 25 is ready for print! Please be informed that the latest version of the Selection Guide is always available on our Website where you can also download the individual pages for your personal use.

NEW SMD Discretes - The BYG10 and BYG23T round out our Controlled Avalanche Rectifier series in SMA package. The ES2xSMA is a 2A Superfast Efficient rectifier in SMA. Our Schottky portfolio has been enlarged by the addition of Low Vf devices, e. g. the SL34SMA-3G, standard parts like the SK54-3G and high temperature Schottkys like the SK3H10SMB.

NEW Axial Diodes - There are several 3rd Generation Schottky diodes like the 20SQ045-3G offering 20A and 45V at reduced leakage. We have added two more Protectifiers(R) for free-wheeling applications, the F5K120 and the F12K120 with 5A respectively 12A, low forward voltage and 120V TVS characteristics.

NEW Bridge Rectifier - In the ABS package we now offer a 1.5A version with 1000V, the ABS15M. Coming soon: the B500S2A in the slim SO-DIL outline with nominal 2.3A and 1000V reverse voltage. The KBPC is presented in the updated package outline with clear identification of the + connector.

NEW Power Diodes - PPS1045-3G and PPS1545-3G in the just 1.1mm flat PowerSMD package offer 10 resepectively 15A and 45V in the new 3G technology with low leakage current. The MBR20200CT is a 2x10A, 200V High Temperature Schottky in TO-220AB. In start-up is the Superfast Efficient rectifier MURF2060CT with 2x10A, 600V in the isolated ITO-220AB package.

NEW Transistors & Small Signal Diodes - We offer new ESD protection diodes in the tiny leadless packages 0201, 0603 and SOD-882, such as the ESDBK3V3. The family of Adjustable Voltage References/Shunt Regulators has been completed by the addition of the 1.24V version MMTV431A. Three new dual transistors in SOT-363 have been added, e. g. the NPN/PNP combination BC847PN or the Small Signal MOSFETs MMBT7002DW.

NEW HV Diodes & CLDs - With 12kV and 0.45A the BY4512F offers a Fast Reverse Recovery. The 2CL series offers Superfast Recovery of < 80ns at up to 16kV. The Current Limiting Diodes (or Constant Current Regulators) CL10MD in MiniMelf are available with 20 to 40mA at maximum 90V.

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