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NEW: Application Note about Smart Meters

App Note about Smart Meters

Smart Meters are getting the standard in electricity metering and replace the formerly used electro-mechanical solutions. „Smart“ has several meanings and starts with elect-ronic/micro-controller based metering, goes via comfortable user interface and display solutions and does still not end at various ways of connectivity. They are prepared for future ways of „smart“ billing, offering e. g. low costs for electric energy in times where wind and solar power is highly available.

The main function blocks for these devices are the power supply unit, the micro-controller board (MCU) and the communication and display boards. This application note focuses on the power supply unit, where Diotec offers several semiconductor solutions dedicated for Smart Meter needs. Take the example of input rectifier stage; it is connected directly to the landline and thus highly affected by excessive voltage peaks caused by lightning strikes. No matter if you prefer single diodes connected in series, avalanche rated rectifiers or Diotec‘s brand new 3000 V diodes: we offer you any solution according to your requirements.

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