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New Application Note about Power Supplies

application note power supplies

In recent decades, many efficiency standards have been developed worldwide to reduce global energy consumption and thus to lower CO2 emissions. This rapid development of standards requires highly efficient power supplies. For that purpose, the latest energy-saving technologies and components are to be used: From the input bridge via Power Factor Correction (PFC) to the switching stage such as flyback, forward, buck or boost topology and the output stage, all including protection and control circuits.
Diotec offers a wide range of dedicated products for almost every need:

  • Three-phase Bridge Rectifiers such as the DBI25-18A, which stay "cool" under load and meet the surge voltage requirements of EN61000-4-5
  • Controlled Avalanche Rectifiers in SMA and Melf packages like the AM2000, for the auxiliary stage or the use at highly disturbed input mains
  • Super Fast Efficient Rectifiers like the MUR860 for Power Factor Correction
  • Low RDS(on) and fast switching MOSFETs for the converter stage
  • Bootstrap diodes for the upper gate driver supply, e. g. the SA265 or BYG23T
  • The TVS/blocking diode combination TGL200U06 for the snubber circuit
  • 3rd Generation Schottky Diodes, which ensure lower power losses at the output stage
  • Voltage Regulators with internal current limitation and thermal shutdown
  • Shunt Regulators such as the MMTL431A used as voltage reference and error amplifier
  • Easy drive of signal LEDs with Current Limiting Diodes, e. g. the CL10MD

All these parts support designers in finding the best possible solutions with highest efficiency. Power losses are reduced, energy savings are increased and consequently the overall performance can be improved. Read all the details in our new application note about power supplies.

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