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SK34SMA L217: Perfect output rectifier for wireless charging ofbattery powered devices

3G Schottky Rectifier for wireless charging

Diotec proudly launches one such device: a 3rd generation Schottky device, which offers not only lower (very) forward voltage drop and therefore lower forward losses but also lower leakage currents, which allows higher standby durations.

The new SK34SMA L217 15MQ040N is a SMD Schottky diode where Vf and Ir were perfectly matched towards the customer's needs. Its a bit of a bulky part number but this can be explained as follows.

The challenge in this case was to build an output rectifier for wireless charging of a battery powered device. During stand-by mode, the reverse leakage Ir must be very low in order to avoid too fast discharging of the battery. In charging mode, the forward voltage Vf must be reduced to provide high efficieny and fast charging times.

Here the typical parameters requested for the output rectifier of the wireless charging system:

Vf typ 0.43 V @ 2 A / 125°C
Ir typ 8 µA @ 4 V / 50°C

Based on our flagship in SMA, the 3A/40V SK34SMA-3G, we built the special version L217. Our customer, a leading manufacturer of battery powered consumer devices, confirmed that this customized device outperforms impressively the parameters of the industry standard 15MQ040N.

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