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FX2000D: 20A/200V Low Vf Diode for Polarity Protection and Free-Wheeling

data sheet FX2000D

The FX2000D has a Vf of less than 940mV at 20A, which is lower than what typical 200V Schottkys can offer. This makes these parts ideally suited for medium voltage DC applications such as polarity protection or OR-ing diodes.

Its trr of less than 200ns makes it further suitable for low to medium frequency AC circuits, e. g. as free-wheeling diode in power tool switches, variable speed control of DC drives, in relays and magnetic coils. The part comes in an axial lead package with increased wire diameter for better heat dissipation.

The same characteristics are available in the case outline TO-220AC with two polarities: anode or cathode to tab. Here the part numbers are FT2000AD and FT2000KD.

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