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Flyers: Discrete Solutions for your Power Applications - Rectifiers in TO-220 and D²PAK

Video Power Rectifiers in TO-220 and D2PAK

Discrete power components are state-of-the-art in various applications. They offer cost-effective, robust, easy to assemble and reliable solutions for many kinds of power circuits. Diotec’s product portfolio includes Standard, Fast, Superfast Efficient and Schottky Barrier Rectifiers. Single and dual diodes are available in both TO-220AC (2 pin) and AB (3 pin) packages and also in 2 pin and 3 pin D²PAK outlines (TO-263AA & AB).

Our proprietary Protectifiers® in TO-220 offer low forward voltage drop at high reverse robustness – protected rectifiers indeed!

We are dedicated to develop discrete power semiconductors and also provide optimized solutions to contribute greater energy savings and performance of modern power electronics. Download our new flyer about Power Rectifiers in TO-220 and D²PAK!


  • High current density: 8 A to 30 A
  • Low power losses, high efficiency
  • High reliable/thermally efficient packages
  • Proven outline for heatsink assembly
  • Single and Dual diodes
  • TO-220 Package:
  • TO-220AC & AB (2 pin & 3 pin)
  • Protectifiers®
  • 3rd Gen Schottkys
  • Standard to Superfast Efficient Rectifiers
  • D²PAK Package:
  • TO-263AB (2 pin) and TO-263AA (3 pin)
  • 3rd Gen Schottkys
  • Standard to Superfast Efficient Rectifiers

Typical Application

  • Switch Mode Power Supplies (SMPS)
  • DC / DC Converters
  • AC and DC Drives
  • Input and Output Rectification
  • Power Factor Correction (PFC)
  • Free-wheeling Diodes
  • Polarity Protection
  • OR-ing Circuits

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