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First release of our new MOSFETs: DIT100N10, DI020N6D1, MMFTP3401

Mosfet video

Diotec starts 2020 into the new era of offering (Power) MOSFET devices, produced in advanced trench technology. We are pleased to announce today the first three available parts:

  • The DIT100N10 in TO-220AB package is a N-type Power MOSFET having a typical RDS(on) of 9.9mOhm, 100A of DC drain current and 100V of maximum Drain to Source voltage
  • The DI020N06D1in D-PAK is a N-type power device having 24mOhm, 20A and 60V
  • The MMFTP3401in SOT-23 package is a P-type high current Small Signal MOSFET with 65mOhm, 3A and 30V

The two power MOSFETs are ideally suited for DC/DC converters, DC drives and power tools, due to their very low on-state resistance and extremely fast switching times. They offer a reverse avalanche characteristic for safe operation and require low driving effort due to their low gate charge.

The high current small signal P-type can be used in all kind of battery and load management applications. It features a low on-state resistance and comes in a space-saving SMD package. Samples of all three types are available from stock and can be ordered here.

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