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Easy Design of Power Supplies with our High Voltage Diodes

Flyer HV Diodes

Our high voltage rectifiers allow for easy design of power supplies up to several kilovolts. This product range includes single diodes with fixed voltage rating and standard to ultrafast reverse recovery. Very flexible solutions are available in the avalanche rectifiers, which can be stacked in order to get any voltage range required.

Features and Benefits are:

  • Large Clearance and Creepage
  • Easy Assembly
  • Standard, Fast and Ultrafast Recovery
  • Controlled Avalanche Rectifiers
  • Available in Hockey Puck, Axial Lead, Cylinder, SMD Packages
  • Stackable to build High Voltage Cascades

Applications can be:

  • Paper, Film and Foil Treatment
  • Corona Discharge Treatment
  • Plasma Generation
  • Surface Preconditioner
  • Laser Power Supply
  • X-Ray Generators
  • Electrostatic Dust Removal
  • Microwave Generators

For more information please download our new HV Diode Flyer. It contains all the necessary information and shows the partnumbers available together with their parameters. More detailed information about every product including the data sheets can be found on our website www.diotec.com. Just type in the partnumber into the quickfinder on our homepage.

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