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Don't Waste Any More Valuable Board Space!

Amp / 600 Volt Rectifier Needs Just 3.1 mm²
Data Sheet SRL1x

The SRL1 series of Standard Recovery rectifier diodes comes in the tiny PowerSOD-323/DO-219AD and measures 2.5 mm x 1.25 mm. It thus requires just 3.1 mm² on the printed circuit board. Due to its large cathode-sided heat dissipation area, it offers anyway a nominal forward current of nominal 1 A and is available with up to 600 V peak reverse voltage. It is therefore the ideal solution for polarity protection and low frequency rectification on all PCBs where space is restricted. The family starts with the SRL1B offering 100 V and ends with the SRL1J having 600 V. Automotive compliant versions can be ordered by adding the suffix -Q to the part number.

Features at a glance:

  • Ultra small and low profile PowerSOD-323 package
  • Requires only 2.5 mm x 1.25 mm of board space
  • Just 0.6 mm of device height
  • Forward current 1 A and 100 V to 600 V reverse voltage
  • AEC-Q101 compliant available

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