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Cost Effective Yet Powerful Load Dump Protection Diodes: LDP01 and LDP02 in D²PAK offering 5 kW respectively 6.6 kW of peak pulse power


Especially in applications without centralized load dump protection, such as several motorbikes, a powerful yet cost effective load dump protection of distributed board electronics is desirable. The typically used package outline DO-218AB is offering a high performance, but is limited to load dump TVS devices and runs therefore in lower volumes only, causing higher device costs. The D²PAK offers a similar case outline but is an absolute industry standard package, used for high volume devices like Rectifiers and Schottkys. The LDP01 and LDP02 series by Diotec uses TVS chips capable for 5 kW respectively 6.6 kW of peak pulse power; both parts can pass load dump pulses according to ISO-16750-2 2012E – Table 5 Test A. First parts available are the LDP01-26AYD2-AQ, LDP01-28AYD2-AQ and LDP02-28AYD2-AQ, suitable for 12 V systems. Qualification according to AEC-Q101 is in progress and close to be completed. For general information about load dump protection diodes, please refer to our Application Note.


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