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Correct Bending of Axial Lead Wires: Let us do it for you!

Correct Bending - flower bent down

Like flower stalks do not like to be buckled, also axial leads of semiconductor diodes require a certain, "sensitive" treatment, in order to reach a long lifetime of the part.

Axial lead devices are still used in huge volumes for many kinds of applications. Especially in (very) high voltage circuits they provide superior creepage and clearance over "small" SMD components. Before such parts can be assembled into the PCB, their lead wires need to be cut and bent for the desired length and raster. If this mechanical process is done in the wrong way, especially with no or no sufficient strain relief, a (pre-)damage of the semiconductor chip is likely. At best the part is broken immediately and can be replaced, but in worst case it will appear only later in the field with all the unwanted and unnecessary consequences. Our Application Note describes how the cutting and bending has to be done the right way, for high productivity and high reliability of the produced circuits.

And if you let us do the entire process for you, you can be assured that all components arrive in perfect shape and quality at your site. You just need to assemble it! Send your mechanical drawing or even a sketch of how you would like to have the leads formed to your authorized Diotec sales channel, and we will provide you our offer for this customer service.


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