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New Data Sheet Layout Offers More Comprehensive Information

data sheet new layout

You might have realized on recently published data sheets that we now offer as slightly refreshed layout and additional, useful information. The devices are displayed on the front page in a 3D view with bottom and top side. As such, designers can immediately see how the device mechanically looks like. The mechanical sizes including tolerances are shown on the following page in a technical drawing.

For most of our parts we offer now SPICE models and STEP files, for electrical circuit simulation software and mechanical board design using CAD systems. Both is mentioned directly under the 3D view and above the next enhancement, which is a clear electronic device symbol including all connections. Below of all is the harmonized system (HS) code, which is not only important for export purposes, but also for compliance declaration like the EU REACH directive. The ROHS compliance declaration under "Features" has been completed by the according exemption: e. g. "7a" for the internal high melting type solder alloy based on lead or by "w/o exemption" which means that parts are totally lead-free!

The watermark behind the text is the proof that you have the original Diotec data sheet in front of you. We will step by step change all of our data sheets to this new layout; the already changed ones can be found here: https://diotec.com/en/datasheets.html


BYG20 Series: Ultrafast Avalanche SMD rectifier diode


Discover our BYG20 Series, which is an Ultrafast Avalanche SMD rectifier diode in SMA Package having repetitive reverse voltage of 200 V until 600 V and average forward current rating of 1.5 A. Having non-repetitive peak reverse avalanche capability of up to 20 mJ and a very low reverse recovery time of less than 75 ns, these devices are well suited for high-side floating gate driver circuits, as a bootstrap diode. For half-bridge gate drivers, adding an external bootstrap diode in parallel with the internal one, can significantly overcome the problem of excessive power losses in the driver IC. A stand-alone operation is of course possible as well.

Further typical applications include output rectification in high frequency power supplies and forward converters as well as freewheeling diodes in inverters for consumer, automotive and telecommunication circuits.



  • SMD Package DO-214AC/SMA
  • Repetitive reverse voltage of 200 V to 600 V
  • High average forward current of 1.5 A
  • Reverse recovery time less than 75 ns
  • Controlled Avalanche Characteristics: 20 mJ


ESD9BL24P: All-Around Protection by Diotec's ESD Diodes


Diotec’s ESD9BL24P is a 24V, 350W, bidirectional Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) protection diode in a tiny “leadless” SOD-882/DFN1006 package.
It offers optimum trade-off between low capacitance and higher ESD robustness. This device is designed to safely protect electronic components from ESD transient surges of up to +/-30 kV as per IEC610004-2 standard (air and contact discharge) without any compromise in its performance and reliability. Its low capacitance of 0.5 pF ensures very low distortion of data signals in high-speed communication systems.

Typical applications include data line and I/O port protection, portable electronic devices but also LED lighting modules. In addition, due to the tiny package outline of only 1.0 mm x 0.6 mm board space, it is suitable for battery operated compact, portable devices.



  • Peak Pulse Power Dissipation 350 W
  • Peak Pulse Power current 6 A
  • Miniature Case Outline SOD-882
  • Low Junction Capacitance 0.5 pF
  • Low Leakage Current


ABS15Y: a Low Profile 2000 V Bridge Rectifier in SMD


Today’s modern high power density electronics are more vulnerable to electrical stresses than ever due to the component miniaturization. High demand scalable electronics such as LED Street Lamps require high reliable circuit protection. These devices are connected directly to the land line,
where lightning strikes are a permanent source for excessive voltage surges. It requires a bridge rectifier with high safety margin and also slim package outline to fit into the compact electronics.

Discover our ABS15Y, a low profile, high power, standard bridge rectifier. It offers an  impressive
reverse voltage of 2000V, an average forward current rating of 1.6 A/2.0 A (depending on pad size). It comes in an ABS package with only a height of just 1.4 mm. Thus they can be assembled on the bottom side of the PCB, where space is usually restricted. They are well suited for input rectification for applications like high voltage power supplies, LED Street Lighting Systems, 4G/5G Base Stations, Smart Meters and so on.



  • Repetitive peak reverse voltage of 2000 V
  • Average Forward current of 1.6 A/2.0 A
  • Ultra-low profile ABS package
  • Just 1.4 mm of device height
  • High creepage and clearance


New Sales and Marketing Manager for North and South America

business card

Diotec Semiconductor AG is glad to introduce our Sales and Marketing Manager Andrew Dixon for North and South America. He will be committed to develop our business with our distribution network and support locally new projects with local clients.

We are confident that with his experience we will be able to provide a more efficient and dedicated service to all the important area of North and South America.

Andrew Dixon
Mobile +1 832 345 7888

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SM3000: Outstanding Reliability and High Performance when Lightning Strikes


Designers of Smart Meters, LED Street Lamps, 4G/5G BaseStations, EV Charging Systems and similar applications often face the issue of over-voltage transients, since all these devices are connected directly to the land line which is highly affected by lightning strikes. They are affecting the reliability and lifetime of these products, so the use of rectifier diodes with extra high safety margin against transient surges is mandatory.

The SM3000 by Diotec is especially developed for these applications. It offers an impressive reverse voltage of 3000 V, an average forward current of 1 A and comes in a single SMD Melfpackage. Due to the large clearance and creepage it can replace the usual series connections, which are still common for input rectification at the above applications. You will find more detailed information in our actual flyer.


  • SMD Melf package
  • Repetitive peak reverse voltage of 3000 V
  • Average forward current of 1 A
  • Replaces series connections


SKM14: Low Forward Voltage Drop. Small Size.


The SKM14 is a 1 A / 40 V Schottky diode offering a forward voltage drop of less than 0.35 V at 1 A. It comes in the compact SOD-123FL package and measures only 3.7 mm x 1.8 mm. The very low profile height of 1.0 mm makes it well suitable for any mobile, slim but yet high performing electronics. This device is optimized for battery powered systems, where high energy savings are desired, e. g. for LED headlights.

Its low junction capacitance makes the SKM14 further suited for high frequency, energy efficient applications. This includes battery chargers, offline power supplies, set-top boxes, smart meters, any kind of smart home devices, DC/DC converters and many more.


  • SOD-123FL package
  • Repetitive peak reverse voltage 40 V
  • Low forward voltage of < 0.35 V at 1A
  • Ideal for battery powered applications

SCIP Entries Available Now

SCIP Entries

SCIP is the database for information on Substances of Concern In articles as such or in complex objects (Products) established under the Waste Framework Directive (WFD) 2008/98/EC. Companies supplying articles that contain substances of very high concern (SVHCs) on the Candidate List in aconcentration above 0.1% weight by weight (w/w) on the EU market have to submit information on these articles to ECHA before 5 January 2021. Some, but not all Diotec products contain lead (Pb), which is covered by the according RoHS exemptions. We have submitted these articles already into the database, SCIP numbers are available here.

In case you need totally lead-free parts (RoHScompliant without exemption), we can offer you already today a broad range of according devices. Please feel free to contact us by e-mail.

Did You Ever Drive an Electric Car?

Discrete Solutions for EV Charging
Flyer EV Charging Solutions

When driving an EV, you will be impressed by its surpassing acceleration. More controversial discussed are the environmental aspects. Clear is that there is no pollution at the place where you drive. But if electricity for re-charging the battery is generated in the traditional way, the problem is just shifted to another place. New concepts deal with the usage of EVs for energy storage of fluctuating solar and wind power. Wall boxes or, even better, wireless charging systems at home and in companies could ideally serve such concepts.

All kind of EV charging stations can be easily realized by using cost-effective, widely available discrete power components. At low power systems they can be used to build the entire power stage, while at high power charging stations they are mainly used for auxiliary functions and controls.

Our latest flyer introduces a broad range of discrete power semiconductors from Bridge Rectifiers over Fast Efficient Diodes and MOSFETs to Schottky Rectifiers. It further includes state-of-the-art components used for control and protection purposes. They allow design engineers to develop cost-effective and energy-efficient solutions for any EV charging system.