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Kevin Shin - Country Manager for Diotec in Korea

We proudly announce our new Diotec contact window for Korea. Kevin Shin will start immediately as Country Manager for Diotec in Korea.

To get in contact with him, please refer directly to his mail k.shin@diotec.kr.

We are happy to welcome a new Diotec family member!

BC847BP in DFN1006 +++ "Budget" Devices: Example S1YL +++ MMBT7002DW - Two MOSFETs in SOT-363

The BC847BP is the first representative of a transistor in the tiny "No-lead" package DFN1006. The leads of this part are integrated into the bottom of the package, thus reducing the required space to a minimum.

"Budget versions" are parts being consequently trimmed for cost reduction. An example is the S1YL having 1A/2000V, being the budget version of S1Y. The cost reduction was achieved by shrinking the die size. The admissible surge current is then only 22/25A compared to the 30/32A of the S1Y. But if this matches with the requirements of the application, the S1YL is a cost effective alternative for the S1Y.

The MMBT7002DW contains two independent N-channel MOSFETs in a halogen-free SOT-363 package. Having 60V and 115mA per transistor, these parts can be operated at 5V logic levels.

KBPC pass RSH test +++ SPICE models of Top 500 +++ Diotec at electronica China +++ New Branch office in Shenzhen

Our KBPC bridge rectifiers with Fast-on connectors pass the "Resistance to Solder Heat" - test. These parts are UL recognized and can be found in the File E175067. You can find the information also in the data sheet with the related standards.

SPICE models of our Top 500 components are now available on our Homepage. The models are detailed and show realistic simulations. You can find the existing library of SPICE models directly through the article search, here for the article MMTL431A.

From 14th to 16th March 2018 we were part of the electronica China in Shanghai.

We are happy to announce that we opened a new Branch office in Shenzhen, China.

Databook Edition 25 +++ Demoboard 3990 +++ Diotec.com data sheets +++ Diotec continues to produce what others discontinue

The "silver" Edition of our Databook is now ready to be printed. It contains the latest part introductions which were already presented in the 25th Selection Guide. Pre-order your personal printed version of the Diotec Databook directly here.

With great enthusiasm we announce the immediate availability of our demo board 3990. On our website you will find an application note for the demo board. Order your personal demo board here.

It often happens that customers rely on data sheets from popular internet platforms or search engines. Those data sheets are not subject to any update procedures and as such are not binding. We recommend to solely download data sheets from the Diotec website.

Diotec has a wide repertoire of components that can serve as an equivalent substitute for our competitors componets, for example the transistor BC817K. If you are unsure whether a Diotec component meets the same technical parameters  please contact our technical support directly.

15MQ040N immediately available +++ Top-Distributors awarded +++ Diotec not affected from Kobe Steel issue

Diotec has recently added the 1.5A/40V Schottky diode 15MQ040N in SMA package to its production program. This widely used article is currently very difficult to source from our competitors due to extremely long lead times. We are able to produce the 15MQ040N in a much shorter time. Order your samples here.

During our Diotec Distribution-Meeting from 11. – 13. October 2017 in Freiburg im Breisgau we awarded our “Top Distributors 2017”. Nearly all of our worldwide represented Distributors participated.

In the light of recent events, we would like to inform you that Diotec has never used, directly or indirectly copper sheets for semiconductor terminals from the supplier Kobe Steel. Please, have a look at our official statement.

Our product videos are now available with English subtitles.

New Online Videos +++ Contactless Charging +++ Smart Meter +++ Automotive

Taylor made Schottky diodes allow for faster charging times at contactless charging while in parallel they can prolong the standby time of the battery:
Watch video

Avalanche diodes, snubber networks and a design idea to supply µControllers by a constant-current-source and a shunt-regulator shows our video about SmartMeter:
Watch video

Automotive applications where Diotec products are used shows this video:
Watch video

Short Leadtimes +++ Precision Shunt Regulator +++ Application Note Smart Meter +++ Spice Models and Step Files

Diotec offers many of its production range from stock or with a typical four to six weeks lead time. Just email us your requests and let us check how we can support your needs!

The MMTL431A is an Adjustable Shunt Regulator in SOT-23. It features a precise voltage reference with +/-0.7% and allows for constant voltage adjustment from 2.48V up to 36V at curents from 1mA to 100mA. Samples can be ordered here.

The new Diotec Application Note Products for Smart Meter explains the need for minimum 1600V input rectifier for their power stage and why an Avalanche diode must have less than 2000V in that place.

We provide close-to-reality SPICE Models for circuit simulation as well as STEP files for CAD modelling in 3D: Ask our Technical Support.

PCIM Europe +++ Selection Guide Edition 25 +++ Video about Protectifiers(R)

At PCIM Europe in Nuremberg we presented for the first time our new Selection Guide "Silver Edition" 25. This complete overview of Diotec's product portfolio comes in the new, handy A4 booklet format and offers an application page including QR codes for download of product videos. You can order the Selection Guide here.

Even proven things require sometimes a small "freshening up". The reworked Diotec website can now be used comfortably on your smartphone or other mobile devices. Try it out!

The Third Edition of our online video presentation series explains the need for free-wheeling diodes in battery powered tools and why Protectifiers® are the better choice compared to Schottky diodes.

ESD Protection Device +++ Video about LED Driver +++ 5000W TVS in SMC

electronica in Munich Diotec presented for the first time to the public the ESD Protection Diode ESD5Z. It comes in the ultra small SOD-523 package and offers ESD protection up to 30kV. Available parts have stand-off voltages of 3.3V, 5.0V and 12V.

The Second Edition of our online video presentation series addresses designers of LED Drivers for smart lighting applications. The video will be presented live at our stand A5.417. Visitors can further take flyers with printed-on QR codes and watch all of our videos any time on their mobile devices.

We start a new series of TVS diodes in SMC package with peak pulse power of 5000W at 10/1000µs pulses. First available are the bidirectional 5.0SMCJ24CA, and the two unidirectional versions 5.0SMCJ28A and 5.0SMCJ30A.

Online Video about EV Chargers +++ New: MUR460L +++ Difference Melf to SMA


In the First Video Edition you will learn how electric vehicles can be charged reliably by means of the DBI25-18A. These bridge rectifiers are further interesting for industrial power supplies operated on worldwide mains.

During electronica India in Bangalore we presented for the first time to the public the Superfast Efficient Rectifier MUR460L. This 4A/600V axial lead diode with optimized price/performance ratio comes with a trr of only 50ns at a forward voltage of 1.28V. It is used e. g. for the output rectification at very high frequencies.

Our Application Note shows at a glance the different outlines and explains, why Melf is better suited for high power ratings and the flatpack SMA for thermal cycle loads.