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Enhance Efficiency of your Design and Save Board Space at the Same Time

data sheet ER2DSMA

With the ER2DSMA, a 2A/200V Superfast Efficient Rectifier in SMA package designers can easily solve two of their typical challenges: Reducing board space on one side, and increasing power output on the other.

This high power density device features a forward voltage of less than 1V and a reverse recovery time below 35ns. This makes it ideally suited for switching frequencies in the 100kHz range. The device has similar performance compared to alternatives offered by other manufacturers in the bigger SMB package.

It is available both in commercial and Automotive grade (suffix -AQ), and is well suited for applications like high frequency inverters, DC/DC converters, freewheeling diodes and LED drivers.


  • Average Forward Current 2 A
  • Forward Voltage < 1.0 V
  • Reverse Recovery Time < 35ns
  • SMA Package
  • Repetitive Peak Reverse voltage 200 V
  • Leakage Current 5 µA
  • AEC-Q101 grade available

Need to Protect Your Sensitive Design and Space is Limited? Check Our Tiny Lead-less Packages!

Application Note ESD Protection Solutions

Our new Application Note ESD Protection Solutions introduces several so-called "lead-less" package outlines. Rather than having extended leads, these parts are connected on the bottom side and thus save valuable board space. Just one example out of several is the DI5315-02F in the very small SOT-883 or DFN1006-3 package.

It measures only 1.0mm by 0.6mm and offers two ESD protection diodes with common ground connection. They can protect high speed data lines and I/O ports, such as USB and HDMI interfaces, used at communication and entertainment devices.

New: Schottky in MiniMelf offers 2A of forward current at reduced reverse leakage

data sheet SGL2-40-3G

The SGL2-40-3G is a 2A/40V Schottky in the small yet powerful MiniMelf package. It uses the 3rd Generation chip technology offering a forward voltage drop of less than 530mV at 2A and a reverse leakage of below 40µA at 40V. Thus these parts are ideally suited for baterry charging circuits, where a high forward current is required for fast charging and low reverse leakage for a low discharging rate.

Further applications include the output rectification in AC/DC and DC/DC converters, polarity protection and free-wheeling diodes. The advantages of the MiniMelf case outline (DO-213AA) over lead-frame versions are explained in this short video.

New: 3A Rectifier Bridge in KBP Package

data sheet kbp302g

The KBP302G...KBP310G series of bridge rectifiers are offered in the small inline package KBP with 4mm pitch. The devices can be operated free-standing for up to 1.8A of output current as well as clipped onto a heatsink for up to 3A.

Forward surge current rating is 65A at 50Hz/10ms half sine wave pulse, the reverse voltage Vrrm ranges from 200V to 1000V. With a case length of 14.5mm and a thickness of 3.5mm it can be used even in tight assemblies where space is restricted.

TPSMA6L Series - Discover our new 600W TVS in a Flat SMA package

data sheet TPSMA6L

Diotec introduces the new 600W transient voltage suppressors TPSMA6L in a Flat SMA Package, featuring a typical height of 1.3mm only. It features a peak pulse power of 600W at 10/1000µs pulse form. Reverse stand-off voltage ranges from 5.0V to 85V.

The TPSMA6L are a cost effective solution having the same level of peak pulse power like the bigger P6SMBJ series. The flat SMA version offers a foot print size reduction of around 33% when compared to the SMB package and 45% less height when compared to both SMA and SMB packages.

Features and benefits are:

  • High power density
  • Smaller dimensions and low height profile package for space saving
  • Pad layout compatible with SMA packages

Parts are typically used in these applications:

  • Over-voltage protection
  • ESD protection
  • Free-wheeling diodes

New: 2A/1000V SMD bridge in slim SO-DIL package

data sheet B500S2A-SLIM

Diotec completes its family of 2A SMD bridges in the slim SO-DIL package. Up to now these parts were available with a maximum reverse voltage Vrrm of 800V, now the 1000V version B500S2A-SLIM is available.

It features best-in-class performance with an output current of up to 2.3A at 25mm² solder pad area and 25°C ambient temperature. Forward surge current rating is maximum 65A at 50Hz/10ms half sine wave pulse.

The parts come in the low profile SO-DIL package measuring only 2.5mm of body height. Thus they can be assembled on the bottom side of the PCB, where space is usually restricted. Application is input rectification for any kind of power supplies, especially where higher current output is required.

Diotec adds Voltage Regulators to its Product Range

video linear voltage regulators

Our new linear voltage regulators are designed for high performance operation. They offer reliable solutions to generate stable output voltages for a wide range of input voltage conditions. Applications include medium power general-purpose consumer and industrial circuits such as DC/DC converters, battery chargers, LED drivers and µController (MCU) supplies.

Linear voltage regulators are used in sensitive applications and complex circuits, requiring stable supply voltages, low to medium current capabilities and low noise.

Depending on the type of function, parts are classified into four main families:

  • Positive Voltage Regulators
  • Negative Voltage Regulators
  • Adjustable Voltage Regulators
  • Fixed Voltage Regulators

Diotec offers these devices in industry-standard packages such as SOT-223, SOT-23, SOT-89, TO-92 and SO-8, with the following main features:

  • Input Voltage Range: 7.0V … 40V
  • Output Current Range: 0.1A … 1.0A
  • Output Voltage Range: 1.25V … 24V
  • Internal Current Limitation
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Thermal Shutdown

You find more details in our product overview of linear voltage regulators.

New Application Note about Power Supplies

application note power supplies

In recent decades, many efficiency standards have been developed worldwide to reduce global energy consumption and thus to lower CO2 emissions. This rapid development of standards requires highly efficient power supplies. For that purpose, the latest energy-saving technologies and components are to be used: From the input bridge via Power Factor Correction (PFC) to the switching stage such as flyback, forward, buck or boost topology and the output stage, all including protection and control circuits.
Diotec offers a wide range of dedicated products for almost every need:

  • Three-phase Bridge Rectifiers such as the DBI25-18A, which stay "cool" under load and meet the surge voltage requirements of EN61000-4-5
  • Controlled Avalanche Rectifiers in SMA and Melf packages like the AM2000, for the auxiliary stage or the use at highly disturbed input mains
  • Super Fast Efficient Rectifiers like the MUR860 for Power Factor Correction
  • Low RDS(on) and fast switching MOSFETs for the converter stage
  • Bootstrap diodes for the upper gate driver supply, e. g. the SA265 or BYG23T
  • The TVS/blocking diode combination TGL200U06 for the snubber circuit
  • 3rd Generation Schottky Diodes, which ensure lower power losses at the output stage
  • Voltage Regulators with internal current limitation and thermal shutdown
  • Shunt Regulators such as the MMTL431A used as voltage reference and error amplifier
  • Easy drive of signal LEDs with Current Limiting Diodes, e. g. the CL10MD

All these parts support designers in finding the best possible solutions with highest efficiency. Power losses are reduced, energy savings are increased and consequently the overall performance can be improved. Read all the details in our new application note about power supplies.

FX2000D: 20A/200V Low Vf Diode for Polarity Protection and Free-Wheeling

data sheet FX2000D

The FX2000D has a Vf of less than 940mV at 20A, which is lower than what typical 200V Schottkys can offer. This makes these parts ideally suited for medium voltage DC applications such as polarity protection or OR-ing diodes.

Its trr of less than 200ns makes it further suitable for low to medium frequency AC circuits, e. g. as free-wheeling diode in power tool switches, variable speed control of DC drives, in relays and magnetic coils. The part comes in an axial lead package with increased wire diameter for better heat dissipation.

The same characteristics are available in the case outline TO-220AC with two polarities: anode or cathode to tab. Here the part numbers are FT2000AD and FT2000KD.

New Sales Representative for Spain and Portugal

Address new sales agent Carlos Duran

Diotec Semiconductor AG is glad to introduce our Sales Agent Carlos Duran for the territory of Spain and Portugal. He will be comitted to develop our business with our distribution network and support locally new projects with local clients.
We are confident that with his experience we will be able to provide a more efficient and dedicated service to all the important area of Spain and Portugal. 

Carlos Duran
Mobile +34 606 346 002