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New Selection Guide Edition 23!

Products for LED drivers, ESD protection, efficient rectification.

PCN009: Change of the Article No of special types “GR.”, “KLR” and “2%” and of the round bridge rectifiers

PCN008: Package of Current Limiting Diode changes from SMA to SMB

New "Superfast Efficient" Rectifiers And Products for LED Applications

New Device Family: "Superfast Efficient" Rectifiers

Diotec is adding a new group to its existing families of "Super- and Ultrafast Recovery" rectifiers. Historically, there have been these two families of devices switching faster than "Fast Recovery". Practically, they have been always quite similar. The new group, called "Superfast Efficient", is featuring an optimized trade-off between trr and VF. The table below shows the new products, which are in line with industry standard part names. Also listed is a comparison to Diotec's existing and, of course, still available Super- and Ultrafast types.

Products for LED Applications

Another focus during the PCIM will be on special devices for LED lighting applications. Those parts are described in the Design Idea "cost- effective-led-driving.pdf" (dealing with Standard LEDs) and the Application Note "products-for-power-led-driving.pdf" (about Power LEDs).

For more information, visit our booth 12-539 during PCIM in Nuremberg!

Warning about Fake Diotec Products

Small Signal FETs and Digital Transistors by Diotec

Diotec Products for Power LED Lamps – Halogen and CFL Retrofits

PCN007: Discontinuation of various types 03.12.2010

PCN006: New Barcode Labels