We are a “Known Consignor”

Certified by the German Federal Aviation Authority

“Known Consignor” (KC)

Diotec Semiconductor AG has been certified by the German Federal Aviation Authority (LBA) as a "Known Consignor" since April 2013. All Diotec products leave the warehouse in Heitersheim securely packed and thus do not need to undergo security controls at the airport. The certification accelerates and simplifies air cargo handling for the company.

As of 29 April 2013 , EU Regulation 300/2008 applies to all companies that ship goods by air freight: Only air freight with the status "safe" may be loaded into cargo "and" passengers aircraft. Diotec has implemented the necessary security measures and received official certification as a "Known Consignor" by the LBA (German Federal Aviation Authority).

Through its comprehensive security concept, Diotec ensures that the plant is protected against the entry of unauthorized persons. Only trained staff have access to air shipments. All transport packaging is protected against tampering. For this the LBA has issued the company certification as a "Known Consignor".

Accordingly, Diotec shipments do not have to be checked individually by the forwarding agent or airline before they are sent by air to customers all over the world. The Federal Aviation Authority releases the certification for five years and accomplishes unannounced security audits continuously.

The approval as a “Known Consignor” is an essential component of our delivery concept. Extensive cargo screening would make fixed, short-term delivery dates impossible and our customers would lose valuable time.

Therefore Diotec Semiconductor AG is not only a part of the secured delivery chain, but keeps the flexibility to dispatch the goods to our customers as quickly as possible by the avoidance of the additional controls and therefore any time delay.

LBA approval number:

Diotec Semiconductor AG is registered on the EC-database for regulated agents and known consignors with the LBA approval number

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Philip Steffe
Airfreight Security Administrator
at Diotec Semiconductor AG