Responsible for our products and the materials we use.

Contents of our Products - IMDS

From our customers we receive more and more requests about materials used in our products. The automotive industry has introduced some time ago a manufacturer independent system, allowing the declaration of all materials used in devices and components. It is based on the "VDA List of Declarable Materials" (VDA 232 - 101). The web-based system for declaration of materials is called


  • IMDS = International Material Data System.


Diotec has joined this system and published the materials of most offered products. On the website everyone interested in this system can register himself free of charge enableing him to look for the materials of Diotec's products respectively load down an "Initial Sample Report - Substances in Assemblies".

Since for the contents of a semiconductor device it is no matter if it is a rectifier-, a schottky-, a zener-diode or what else, we concluded the material datasheets (MDS) according to the package outline

Questions about IMDS in common as well as how to work with it are kindly answered by the IMDS Service Centers in various countries (see IMDS website "contact").