We Ensure Quality

Quality control and continuous improvement are at the center of the daily activities at Diotec.

Quality assurance

"In-process" control and regular sample checks guarantee the constant high quality of Diotec products. Part of the system entails detailed production instructions in form of flow charts for each individual product.

All devices are tested 100% at least two times for the main data sheet parameters, prior to leaving our factories.

For more information, see our document Quality.

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  1. Mechanical and Visual Tests:

    • Physical Dimensions
    • Solderability
    • Pull Test
    • Material Contents
    • Thermography
  1. Electrical Tests:

    • Initial Parameter Test
    • Device Curves
    • Current Loading
    • Forward and Reverse Surge Test
    • 10/1000µs Pulse
    • ESD Test
    • Load Dump Test
  1. Environmental Tests:

    • High Temperature Reverse Bias
    • High Temperature Storage Test
    • Low Temperature Storage Test
    • 85/85 Test
    • Temperature Cycling
    • Pressure Cooker Test
    • Resistance to Solder Heat