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Contents of our Products - BOMcheck

Every six months, the European Chemicals Agency “ECHA” publishes a new list of candidates of „substances of very high concern“ (SVHC). That means, users of devices like our components have to check with all of their suppliers once again whether any of the products supplied are subject to the new “REACH” list or not.

A great tool to overcome this regular recurring job is called “BOMcheck”. This is an independent web-based declaration service initiated by request of the big OEMs in the electronic industry. Diotec joined this data base and now customers just have to match one time their purchased products to our BOMcheck account. Afterwards, they will be updated automatically in case there will be any change in our REACH, RoHS or other material related declarations. So this free tool will save a lot of time and effort to customers.

More infos about BOMcheck can be found on their website:

It has to be noted that Diotec has no relation with BOMcheck, but is simply a supplier using that data base. We have found it to be very useful for both suppliers and customers.