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How to bend and cut wires of Axial Lead Diodes in a correct way

Flyer: 1 Amp - 3000 Volts - One Diode

Designers of Smart Meter, LED Street Lamps, 4G/5G Base Stations, EV Charging Systems and similar applications often face the issue of over-voltage transients, since all these devices are connected directly to the land line which is highly affected by lightning strikes. They are affecting the reliability and lifetime of these products, so the use of rectifier diodes with extra high safety margin against transient surges is mandatory.

The SM3000 by Diotec is especially developed for these applications. It offers an impressive reverse voltage of 3000V, an average forward current of 1A and comes in a single SMD Melf package. Due to the large clearance and creepage of this outline it can replace the usual series connections, which are still common for input rectification at the above applications. More in our actual Flyer.

Flyer: EV-Charging Solutions

All kind of EV charging stations can be easily realized by using cost-effective, widely available discrete power components. At low power systems they can be used to build the entire power stage, while at high power charging stations they are mainly used for auxiliary functions and controls.

Our latest flyer introduces a broad range of discrete power semiconductors from Bridge Rectifiers over Fast Efficient Diodes andMOSFETs to Schottky Rectifiers. It further includes state-of-the-art components used for control and protection purposes. They allow design engineers to develop cost-effective and energy-efficient solutions for any EV charging system.