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Application Notes

Discrete Solutions for your Power Applications - Rectifiers in TO-220 and D²PAK

Discrete power components are state-of-the-art in various applications. They offer cost-effective, robust, easy to assemble and reliable solutions for many kinds of power circuits. Diotec’s product portfolio includes Standard, Fast, Superfast Efficient and Schottky Barrier Rectifiers. Single and dual diodes are available in both TO-220AC (2 pin) and AB (3 pin) packages and also in 2 pin and 3 pin D²PAK outlines (TO-263AA & AB).

Our proprietary Protectifiers® in TO-220 offer low forward voltage drop at high reverse robustness – protected rectifiers indeed!

Ultra Low Power LDO Voltage Regulator

DI6206 Series from Diotec is a high precision CMOS based low drop out voltage regulator. The device is compatible with low ESR ceramic capacitors. It provides output currents over 200 mA and fixed output voltages of 1.5 V to 3.6 V from an input voltage of 7.0 V. Special features like very low quiescent current and low dropout voltage enables usage in low power applications, and allows for longer operation times of battery-powered electronics. Parts include additionally a current limit and short-circuit protection.

Application Note about ESD Protection

Diotec offers a wide range of ESD protection diodes both in single line and dual line configurations in various packages ranging from general-purpose (SOD-323) to small-size 0201 packages, supporting a wide range of signal speeds. They can provide transient protection for data lines and I/O ports as per IEC 61000-4-2 (air and contact discharge).

Application Note about Power Supplies

Diotec offers a wide range of dedicated products for the use in power supplies. In recent decades, many efficiency standards have been developed worldwide to reduce global energy consumption and thus to lower CO2 emissions. This rapid development of standards requires highly efficient power supplies. For that purpose, the latest energy-saving technologies and components are to be used: From the input bridge via Power Factor Correction (PFC) to the switching stage such as flyback, forward, buck or boost topology and the output stage, all including protection and control circuits.



Diotec starts 2020 into the new era of offering (Power) MOSFET devices. With using advanced trench technology our MOSFETs reach a low RDS(on) and fast switching times which saves you energy and costs. You find the whole MOSFET portfolio in our MOSFET product overview.

The power MOSFETs are ideally suited for DC/DC converters, DC drives and power tools, due to their very low on-state resistance and extremely fast switching times. They offer a reverse avalanche characteristic for safe operation and require low driving effort due to their low gate charge.

The small signal types can be used in all kind of battery and load management applications. They feature a low on-state resistance and come in a space-saving SMD package.

Solutions for Automotive Lighting

Discover our latest application note for Automotive Lighting Solutions. We offer a wide range of silicon based, power discrete components such as small signal, high voltage, transient protection, current limiting, Schottky, Zener diodes and transistors.

Solutions for Industrial Lighting

Discover our latest application note for Industrial Lighting Applications. We offer a widerange of silicon based, power discrete components like diodes and bridgerectifiers. Additionally, we also offer a new product portfolio of MOSFETs and linear voltage regulators fitting perfectly into a broad range ofindustrial lighting applications.

Solutions for High Voltage Applications

Our high voltage rectifiers allow for easy design of power supplies up to several kilovolts. This product range includes single diodes with fixed voltage rating and standard to ultrafast reverse recovery. Very flexible solutions are available in the avalanche rectifiers, wich can be stacked in order to get any voltage range required.

Industrial Motor Control and Drives

Our application note for Industrial Motor Control and Drives contains dedicated power semiconductors for the entire inverter circuit starting from the input rectifier, via the brake chopper to the output inverter, and also includes bootstrap diodes, TVS gate protection and active clamping devices.

For the first time to public, we show in this application note our new range of Power MOSFETs and Voltage Regulators. These parts are planned to be available towards the end of this year. Curious? You can download the application note here and check it out for yourself!

3rd Generation Schottky for Energy Applications

Diotec's -3G Schottky Technology encompasses high power handling capability at small package outlines. It offers state-of-the-art performance in the field of Schottky Rectifiers. Energy savings are one common feature of all these new devices.

The new axial lead diode SBX3040-3G shows impressively what that means. It features a very low forward voltage and a low leakage current, and is thus perfectly suited for solar bypass diode applications. Its very low forward voltage drop Vf makes this part further ideally suited for reverse polarity protection in battery powered systems or automotive applications. Power losses can be reduced and thus energy saved. Our new flyer shows more dedicated Schottky Diodes for Energy Applications.