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3rd Generation Schottky for Industrial Applications

The Industrial Electronics embraces diverse applications, which are upgraded on a daily basis withnew, intelligent and safer technologies. One of the common challenges insuch industrial electronic systems are the demand for powerefficient, miniaturized industrial grade components made byinnovative technology.

The actual -3G Schottky portfolio includes Rectifier Diodes with Very Low Forward Voltage Drop, reverse voltages from 20V to 45V and forward current ratings from 0.5A to 30A. Our new leaflet shows dedicated Schottky Diodes for Industrial Applications.

Demo Board 3990 CLD + Shunt Regulator

2-in-1 Demo Board 3990

Demo 1: Driving a Signal LED on 6 to 60V with just one CLD

Demo 2: Power Supply/Voltage Reference for µControllers etc with CLD + Shunt Regulator

Products for Smart Meter

The need for 1600V input rectifiers and why avalanche diodes at this place must have less than 2000V. Power supply of the Microcontroller using shunt regulator MMTL431A.

Comparison between Melf and SMA package

The differences between Melf and SMA (Flatpack) outline

DBI25 Three Phase Bridges stay "cool" under load and fulfill surge requirements of EN61000-4-5

Free-Wheeling Diodes for Inductive-Load Switches in Motors and Relays

Cost Effective Driving of Standard LEDs from 10VDC up to 110/230VAC with Current Limiting Diodes - and no flicker!

1~ and 3~ Bridge Rectifier Fundamentals

Thermal Measurements on Bypass Diodes

Bypass Diodes for Solarmodules

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