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Product Change Notification

PCN028: BxxS2A Device Height Conversion

Change of the Package Height of BxxS2A in SO-DIL

Change of the Package Height BxxS2A into the SLIM version having 2.5mm.

PCN027: Discontinuation of PST1600x, PCT1600x

We stop the production of the named parts due to too low market demand.

Discontinuation PST1600A...PST1600M, PCT1600A...PST1600M

PCN026: Change Parameters of Round Bridges

Adjusting parameters of the round bridges B40R ... B500R to industry standard

Change parameters of BxxR

PCN025: Discontinuation of the Diode Arrays

We stop the production of the Diode Arrays due to too low demand.

Discontinuation DAxxx, DAFxxx, DANxxx, DAPxxx

PCN024: Discontinuation of the BxxxD2A

Stop of the production of *only* the BxxxD2A series due to very low demand. The 1A and 1.5A versions as well as the BxxxS2A in SMD are further available!

BxxxD2A Discontinued

PCN023: Change of Case Material Diac BR100 series

Change of the case of the BR100 Diacs from Plastic MiniMelf to Glass MiniMelf; Discontinuation of the BR100-031LLD

Change of Case Material BR100 Diac

PCN022: Change of Packaging Unit MiniDIL

Change of the Packaging Unit of MiniDIL from 4000pcs to 5000pcs

Change of PU MiniDIL

PCN021: Discontinuation of SD101-SD103 Small Signal Schottky in DO-35

Stop of the production of the complete type family due to very low demand.

SD101-SD103 Discontinued

PCN020: Change of the Case Outline SKL32..36

We change the case outline to the industry standard SOD-123FL.

Change of the case outline SKL32..36

PCN019: SO-DIL Device Height Conversion

Change of the Package Height of SO-DIL Devices

Change of the Package Height SO-DIL

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